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What if the path to equal participation, the foray through statistics, the walk across ideas, the route along new insights were colourful, entertaining and surprising … just like the destination?

Are you wondering how women and men are distributed in front of and behind the camera in your projects and how diverse the productions are? I can find the answers for you in a short empirical survey or larger study.

Would you like to familiarise your team with equality and diversity, the gender gap, stereotypes and unconscious bias? How better than with colourful examples from the media industry! I’d be happy to design a customised lecture, interactive presentation or hands-on workshop for you.

Are you planning to have your website or presentation, your catalogue and your products checked regarding gender, diversity and stereotypes? All right, I’ll take on this task.

You want change and are looking for ideas, measures, demands? I will work with you to develop new approaches.

Belinde is the Queen of Numbers!

Gesine Cukrowski, InstaLive #Letschangethepicture 10.4.23

As a pioneer and trailblazer, Belinde Ruth Stieve is an actress who doesn’t just watch, but takes matters into her own hands.

Stefania Medetti, The Age Buster 13.1.22

With regard to the participation of women, Stieve is something like the ran database not only of the ARD Sunday evening crime series.

Stieve is one of, if not the leading expert on female representation in German TV films.

Matthias Dell, Die Zeit 2.5.21 & 1.1.24

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