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What if the path to equal participation, a foray through statistics, a walk across ideas, a route along new insights were colourful, entertaining and surprising … just like the destination?

Are you wondering what your projects, products or external presentation look like in terms of gender and diversity? I can find the answer for you in a short empirical survey or larger study.

Do you want to familiarize your team with gender equality and diversity, the gender gap, stereotypes and unconscious bias? How better than with colourful examples from the media industry! I’d be happy to design a tailor-made lecture, interactive presentation or hands-on workshop for you.

If you intend to have your website, presentation or catalogue checked for gender, diversity and stereotypes – I’m happy to take on this task.

You want change? I can develop new approaches together with you.

Belinde is the Queen of Numbers!

Gesine Cukrowski, InstaLive #Letschangethepicture, 10.4.23

A trail-blazer and a thought leader, Belinde Ruth Stieve is a Schauspielerin [actress] who doesn’t sit and look, but takes the matter into her hands.

Stefania Medetti, The Age Buster, 13.1.22

With regard to the participation of women, Stieve is something like the big ,ran’ database not only of the ARD Sunday evening cop dramas.

Matthias Dell, Die Zeit, 2.5.21

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