Learning by Playing: NEROPA

I developed the method NEROPATM Neutral Role Parity in 2016 to increase the representation of women in front of the camera in a low-threshold and sustainable way.

NEROPA is used in pre-production and leads to an increase in the proportion of female roles.
Subsequently, the diversity in front of the camera can be increased with the NEROPA fine-tuning in the casting process.
The NEROPA principle can also be used during script development, screenwriting and in a Writers’ Room.

You are from the film industry, work in an editorial department, are a producer or casting director; you work at a university and train the next generation of filmmakers – and want to get to know NEROPA in practice?

In the NEROPA workshops we work on scenes or entire scripts with wood and plastic figures, colours and possibilities to change the look and feel of the story without changing its core.

Working with NEROPA also leads to a confrontation with stereotypes and one’s own unconscious bias and thus to lasting change among those involved in applying it.

The offer is also explicitly aimed at interested parties outside the film industry. NEROPA can be used, for example, for computer games, guest lists on TV and radio, novels, product planning, website design, textbook illustrations and in many other areas.

I teach the NEROPATM method through

  • lectures / talks
  • interactive presentations
  • workshops
  • Trainings and seminars
  • coachings
  • accompanying support for the introduction of NEROPA in a production.

Further workshops on request.