Talk, Debate or Keynote Speech?

As a member of the film industry, I know what I’m talking about. And as far performance goes, it does help being a trained actress.

Whether it’s in-house training, a conference, diversity day, team building – I’m happy to come to you with tailor-made, highly entertaining talks – live or digital, with or without visual presentation.

I like to present my statistical and content analyses – whether first published in my blog SchspIN or as far as possible from commissioned research – in large or small settings, at public events or internal meetings.

Are you looking for an expert for your panel, a speaker for your conference?

Some of my focal points are:

  • Women’s participation, male dominance, gender equality.
  • Stereotypes – curse and blessing.
  • Diversity.
  • Family Friendly Film and TV industry.
  • Targets, quotas and what else? Let the Waiting end!
  • Really bad to highly motivating examples from film and television.
  • Male Gaze / violence against women in cop dramas.
  • Old women. Old men. Visibility.


Keynote Lecture at the Pro Quote Film Conference on Family-Friendly Filming, Berlin 21.2.23